What does the soul mean to me?

April 7th, 2013

For the last two months, the Heaven Is Not the Last Stop study group has been discussing the relations of soul, spirit, mind, form, and personality.  At our meeting last week I suggested that we each write down in our own words what the soul means to us personally.  In the study of abstract concepts I have discovered great value in writing down what I understand the concepts to be and expressing what they mean to me on a personal level. I have found that when I go through this exercise, not only does it help clarify my reasoning, but it also helps me to connect with the information on an emotional level so that I can feel it deeply, thus enriching my life in every level.  Doing this exercise is by no means and easy task, but what is gained makes every moment spent worthwhile!   Below is my rendition.

The soul is that aspect of myself which represents the potential survival value of my human experience.  It evolves as I expand my capacity to know God and love others.  Every time I make choices that cultivate love or uplift my moral capacities, my soul grows.  Moral choice and spiritual attainment – the ability to know and find God and the urge to be godlike, are the characteristics of my soul.  My soul grows through intentional efforts to detect higher spiritual meanings and values and then apply in my daily life the insights I discover. It is from within and through my soul that a fragment of God – my Indwelling Spirit – operates.  As I cultivate the soul, my choices are increasingly influenced by the guidance of the Indwelling Spirit.  I recognize with great humility and gratefulness the amazing opportunity that we humans have been afforded and I accept willingly the responsibility that comes with it:  conscious and continuous efforts to develop my soul will enable my identity to survive physical death and one day, as a perfected spirit being, in union of soul and Spirit, behold the spirit person of God in Paradise.  What an awesome journey of growth, discovery and attainment!!

I look forward to the group sharing their thoughts.  And I also look forward to reading what the soul means to YOU.

Have a blessed week!

Uplifting the Meaning of Religion

October 19th, 2012

One of the greatest challenges facing humanity today is uplifting the meaning of religion.

True religion is the experience of finding and knowing God, with the goal of growing in wisdom and the capacity to love others, reflected in the harmonious quality of our decisions and interactions with one another. . . .
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All Over Again!!

October 18th, 2012

Some of you have emailed me asking why the blog site could not be accessed.  The answer – it was hacked! All the previous blogs were lost so I will be starting all over again, posting the previous blogs and adding new ones in-between!  Thank you for your patience and continued support!