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Have  you ever asked yourself why our world is burdened with intolerance, prejudice,  and hate when the foundations of all major religions are love, peace, and  service? Do you wonder why we can’t seem to align our human actions with our  divine ideals?

In  the search for meaning our world has reached a plateau of spiritual beliefs, a  blending of philosophies and theologies from east to west, from mainstream to  the esoteric, from the ancient to the latest. Despite a growing interest in personal  spiritual development, much of the world suffers from moral and religious  confusion. Peace, the measure of social evolution, continues to elude us. Our  challenge is not so much to do things differently but to perceive them  differently, in a new light that is graced with the wisdom of an epochal  revelation. Embracing new insights into our understanding of God and God’s  relation to humanity will stimulate devotion, spiritual humility, and a  selfless attitude of service. The faith grasp of the fatherhood of God makes  obvious its corollary: the brotherhood of all humans. This simple yet profound  spiritual understanding holds the potential to reshape our world.

Today’s  stubborn adherence to rigid thinking divides a weary humanity, locked in  conflict and afflicted with violence. We see our own beliefs as truth, but too  often our actions are not aligned with the essence of those beliefs. The  brotherhood of man gets lip service but is largely ignored in the march of personal  and political interactions. The never-ending quest for dominance breeds power  struggle and religious upheaval, distracting us from our human commonality.  Living like members of the family of God is more than an intellectual concept  or optimistic hope, and the doing of righteousness is not enough. It is being righteous, the result of  deliberate and steadfast efforts to cultivate true spiritual character, that nourishes  unity and fosters the spirit of cooperation among all people.

It  took me twelve years to write this book and reconcile my beliefs with an  epochal revelation, The Urantia Book. During  that time, my connection to God deepened and my worldview expanded out to  cosmic levels I had never imagined. With this new conceptual experience of my  relation to God and the universe, spiritual development took on new meaning.  The last section of this book offers you the insights I gained in that process.  I see it as a roadmap that integrates spiritual practice with a universal  framework for the progressive and balanced development of human consciousness.

Section  Four could have been a book in itself—short, compelling, and easy to read like  so many other self-help spiritual books. However, it would have lacked the  powerful new concepts and teachings that are presented in Sections One through  Three. This revealed knowledge challenges the outdated models of our spiritual  origin, history, and destiny. It produces an upgraded and comprehensive frame  of reference for every reader that can be passed through you to others and into  the wider community. Elevating  the consciousness of our world is an urgent imperative and this calling hinges  on the discovery of new and higher spiritual meanings and values and in the  progressive reconciliation of science with religion, nature with God.

Heaven Is Not the Last Stop is intended  to be a soul shaker. Its message is designed to inspire the reader to develop  deeper levels of spiritual understanding and growth; to promote humility and  greater expressions of loving service. Some may find the content too  challenging, while others may embrace only that which requires small effort.  Spiritual progressives will be inspired to examine some widely held beliefs and  emerge with personal faith insights and fresh reconciliations of their own. It  will take resolve—and the dedication of individuals with foresight and  courage—to objectively explore the revelations in this book and attain a cosmic  perspective that transcends our instinctive preoccupation with personal  enlightenment and salvation.

In  Sections One and Two, “Humanity’s Spiritual Origin” and “Humanity’s Spiritual  History,” bold new insights into faith and religion will lead you beyond  existing concepts to undiscovered ideals and unexplored realities. Historical  and theological gaps are filled, upgrading human speculation with reasonable  revelation. You will explore the vast celestial hierarchy involved in the  evolution and ascension of humanity and gain valuable new insights into the  relationships between soul, spirit, and personality, including the profound  importance of family.

Section  Three, “Humanity’s Spiritual Destiny,” offers expanded detail and clarity about  the individual and collective fortunes awaiting us. Myths and distorted concepts  of heaven are dispelled; the “fires of hell” are extinguished. You will examine  a widespread belief that could be thwarting social progress. And the great  adventure that awaits you after death is fully revealed as is the destiny of  future generations.

Collectively,  the four sections expand your worldview, empowering you to develop and embody a  contagious philosophy of living that enlivens your experience and expression of  compassion and love. You will discover higher values that will influence you in  making superior choices, attracting all that is good in the mind and  challenging you to express that which is best in your soul.   

The challenge is there for the taking: Are you willing to take the  ultimate journey of mind and spirit? Are you open to the realization of deeper  understanding? Are you prepared to make faith a priority, to question prevailing  attitudes and beliefs? Are you ready to envision a new and appealing universe  perspective that lifts human hope for an enlightened era of spiritual vitality  – the next age of humanity? If you answer “yes” to any of these questions, you  are ready to embark on a journey that is certain to both agitate and satisfy  your mind, heart, and soul. Prepare to be amazed and uplifted!





 *  Wanted to say thank you for the effort and time it took to write this book.  I have been a reader of the Urantia Book for about the last twelve years.  After reading your book it made me feel very humble and realizing how far I have to go just to get started on the journey.   Thank You,   --  P.W.    

*   Your book is terrific. I've now finished it once, and have begun to re-read various parts.   By way of background and disclosure of intellectual biases:  I've taught Descartes, off and on, for more than 25 years, and I've always been interested in the notion of radical doubt as a possible starting point for religious knowledge.  You arrived at your insights largely from the opposite pole -- although you deal frankly and fairly with notions of doubt -- and I was interested to see how you dealt with rationalism generally.  Thus, I was particularly focused on your distinction between intellect and Universal Intelligence.  I think Descartes would have agreed with much of your analysis.  You write that "[w]hen cosmic insight, moral awareness, and spiritual perception are cultivated and integrated in a balanced way, the realization of the personality of God increasingly permeates all levels of human consciousness" (p. 339).  Descartes was not entirely sure (as an intellectual matter) from whence came the "clearness and distinctness" of his knowledge of the existence and nature of God.  I think he would have given serious thought and credence to your idea of inductive (as opposed to deductive) knowledge of His existence. Your discussions of the histories of various religions was astonishingly well-researched and clear.  I'm sure I'll refer to the book in the future as a one-volume resource on the history and roots of religious thought and practice.  So, many thanks for a terrific read.  I'm sure the book will be a great success.         -- R. G. T. Esq.  

*   I’m reading your book  Heaven Is Not the Last Stop and I wanted to tell you what an extraordinary work you have done. I read only about one page a day and I meditate on it as I go along. Every once in a while I have an inspiration that comes up based on this reading. I can easily imagine many other persons doing the same thing. I’m a French speaking person and I’m looking forward to reading it again, but this time in French when it comes out in order to gain new insights from this new perspective.       --  Normand Laperle, Canada  

*   If you have the opportunity read Sheila Keene-Lund's marvelous book Heaven Is Not the Last Stop, do so by all means. Every one of this book's 445 pages has at least three or four insightful paragraphs, each worthy of additional thought. Thank you, Sheila, for your 12 years labor of love.  The finished product is wonderful.       --  Donald L. Risk, Tempe, AZ  

*   "Heaven Is Not The Last Stop" is a thought provoking introduction to epochal revelation for those not familiar with its teachings. For those who study The Urantia Book this work is invaluable in understanding and living the new revelation.  --  Doug Cable - Review posted at Amazon  

*   Sheila Keene-Lund has given the world a book remarkable on many levels. First, it takes the vast and sweeping cosmology of The Urantia Book and, without compromising any aspect of that book's message, explains it in a clear and understandable way for any reader. Second, she does this in such a way that even someone with no familiarity with The Urantia Book can easily grasp the philosophy of life being set forth in this incredible volume. Sheila writes in an engaging and easy to understand style. She demonstrates a working knowledge of a wide array of philosophers, theologians, and theorists, and she invites the reader to take a journey beyond heaven, to mansion worlds of transformation. She challenges humanity to shoulder the serious work of cultural progress. Readers will have to decide for themselves if they accept the world-view set forth here, but this much is certain: they are presented with an astoundingly new way of looking at and thinking about life and reality. -- Dr.  C. H. Roberts Review posted at Amazon  

*   Sheila Keene-Lund is a devoted student of spiritual truth, and this devotion shines through in Heaven Is Not the Last Stop.  Her inspired interpretation of The Urantia Book conveys the monumental spiritual insights that can be found therein.  I have been a student of The Urantia Book for many years, and while I don’t take it literally, I do take it seriously. Heaven Is Not the Last Stop is a marvelous testament to the transformational power of personal spiritual experience.    
-- Steve McIntosh          Author of Integral Consciousness and the Future of Evolution

*   This must read book synthesizes science, philosophy,history, religion and revelation into an easy read of knowledge for a personal transformation of cosmic consciousness, spiritual unity and cultural progress. All research is documented in the notes with an extended bibliography. I could not put it down; I was hungry for the information.    --Janet Falbo - Review posted at Amazon  

*   I found a copy of The Urantia Book at the library back in the early 90's. For me it was pretty difficult to understand; especially all of the different orders of celestial beings and their assignments. Even though I didn't understand a lot of the things in the book, I knew it was a lot of truth in it and I just needed some other source to explain it. Almost 20 years later, I found that source of information in Heaven Is Not the Last Stop. This book is so well written I can hardly put it down. I am about halfway done as I have only started it about a week and a half ago. For anyone interested in The Urantia Book or desires to know the truth about where we came from, and where/what our ultimate goal is (even after we leave this planet) I most definitely recommend this book. Through epochal revelation it corrects the errors in our most sacred books such as the Bible, Quran, and many others and clearly reveals the truths that are in all of them. -- sss360  - Review posted at Amazon    

*   Wonderful summary of the world and our place in its history. I Particularly liked how the author takes religions, stories and myths from the past and weaves them into an understanding of the evolutionary process.   --R. Johnson  -        Review posted at Amazon  

*  I stand in awe of your wonderful research and development of a truly fascinating work of art.   The depth of your writing ability, research, and chapter development, takes  one's breath away. God has truly prepared you to be a bridge in touching the hearts of God's people with the power of love and with the story of God's plan for God's people during our lives here on Earth and our journey to heaven and beyond.  I congratulate you on your achievement and  I look forward to recommending Heaven Is Not the Last Stop to many.  --  Robert C. Moyers, Author, The Power of Peaceful Thinking   

*   Thank you for Heaven Is Not the Last Stop.  I am reading it and its doing great work in me. Please continue sharing this work with others.         -- Stanley (from Kenya)

*   Let me congratulate you on your book, Heaven Is Not the Last Stop. I have read The Urantia Book many times (in french) and you have made it a lot easier to understand with such a systematic and logical approach. I like very much how you have put into context with the old and also present teachings of most religions, with references.  I am truly amazed at the research that you have put into this work. WOW!. I feel so blessed to have met you and to have read your book.  I also like the fact that you refer to the feminine sex so many times, I had a chuckle every time ... cute!. I also do the same when I speak of humanity, specify both sexes, as opposed to man only. I think that men have had their share long enough.   Thank you for giving me a more profound sense of spiritual meaning of the teachings of the UB. I will use your book as a reference in explaining certain parts of the UB, as you have simplified it so well, so clearly and easy to comprehend. I am short of words to express my gratitude to you for writing such a book with so much spiritual potential in today’s world. Thank you for sharing your life experiences that have shaped your spiritual growth.  I thank God for giving you the intellect to write this book and admire your initiative and courage to go ahead with that huge project.         --  Yvon

*   Heaven Is Not the Last Stop is phenomenal! It helps on either side: people who never read The Urantia Book may get intrigued, and those who have read it will be helped by your clean and logical presentation of the spiritual world.  -- Hermann

*   Your book is truly a wonder, and I know I will be going back to it for the rest of my life. I had no idea that you were going to do such a comprehensive presentation of Urantia Book's fact and wisdom. I have just been reading what you have to say about forgiveness--in my view, Jesus' most important teaching. Did you ever hear about the Pink Books, put out by The Brotherhood of the Followers of the Present Jesus? (first printing 1965) "As you sit and pray, store up forgiveness for all whom you know, for yourself, . . .Forgive in advance (my emphasis) and you are free in joy to live the life of a child of God. Your comments about forgiveness prompted my return to this old booklet, Giving and Forgiving.    As well as the content itself, I do appreciate your excellent index, notes, everything.         

*   I would like to recommend Heaven Is Not the Last Stop by Sheila Keene-Lund. I have read the book and I am profoundly enlightened by her co-ordination of documented knowledge and synthesized information of Revelation, The Urantia Book! Her book is a great read which is enlightening as to self consciousness or God Consciousness. I believe she will expand and uplift readers with her perspective         -- Janet  

*   In examining Heaven Is Not the Last Stop, it is obvious that Keene-Lund   is a very intelligent, knowledgeable, and gifted person. Not only does she have   an in-depth  knowledge and appreciation of The Urantia Book, but a broad   knowledge of Western Civilization. The diagrams in the book are amazing!   I   think Heaven Is Not the Last Stop is an excellent way for people to get   an in-depth knowledge of The Urantia Book. --  Meredith J. Sprunger, PhD.  Author, Spiritual Psychology and The Abridged Urantia Papers; Co-author, A History of the Urantia Papers  

*   Heaven Is Not the Last Stop is a must-have reference. If you’re looking for a book that focuses on the most important and most helpful concepts in The Urantia Book – you have found it.  Sheila’s book also reconciles these new concepts with existing religious beliefs in a meaningful and practical way.  Through much searching, reflection, and personal experience the author shares her own life journey and spiritual discoveries. This book will serve as a great companion to the understanding of The Urantia Book or for group study.    -- Dr. B. Dale Sams

*   The theme of Heaven Is Not the Last Stop is most interesting and profound, although it will challenge the lay or average reader. Because of its exhaustive and well written subject matter, this book will undoubtedly be well received and utilized by those who study religious and philosophical topics; professional speakers will also be interested in such fascinating new material.  I wholeheartedly congratulate Sheila Keene-Lund for her inspiring production. -- Dr. Carmen A. Bonilla de Comulada

*   Sheila Keene-Lund has done an amazing job of digesting the contents of The Urantia Book, restating it in user-friendly language, and contrasting it with existing religious thought.  Few people could exhibit her skill and dedication to the task. Heaven is Not the Last Stop will make The Urantia Book accessible to countless people who may have initially been daunted by the sheer size and dense language of the original.  The insights it conveys should have a major impact on religious understanding in the 21st Century.  -- Peter Laurence, Ed.D.       Author and Consultant on Religious Diversity and Spirituality

*   Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!  In Heaven Is Not the Last Stop, Sheila Keene-Lund bravely steps out of the box and draws information from science, philosophy, evolved religions, metaphysical sources and common knowledge, bringing it all together with the gift of Revelation. This valuable gem offers a balanced, intelligent and sensitive approach that will support all genuine Truth Seekers in achieving a deeper understanding of the universe and our role therein. I was pleasantly surprised and grasped many new concepts while reading this book.  I believe it has the capacity to appeal to all people and create a new wave of advanced thought. I also believe that Heaven Is Not the Last Stop will assist both new and seasoned readers of The Urantia Book while we continue to strive for the ideals thus far unattained: the global recognition of One Universal Parent and the sincere loving service of all humanity.  --   Pato Banton        International Recording Artist & Minister

*   My highest compliments on your book. It is a truly amazing work. This is what we have been waiting for—a high-level explication of the Urantia revelation.  --  Byron Belitsos, Origin Press

*   I want to tell you that I am very touched by your book and in awe of the volumes of information you have conveyed both from The Urantia Book and from human sources as well as your own personal experiences.  I believe you really have something here that will be a significant “portal” to The Urantia Book.  You have so eloquently harmonized the revelatory information with evolutionary subject matter and tactfully and comprehensively explained how and why the conflicts exist where they do.  I am not easily impressed; but you have done so with this book Sheila.    --  Bravo!!!          Joe   

 *   I am currently reading Heaven Is Not the Last Stop. It is truly excellent. I think this may well be the most important bridge to the UB for years to come, indeed a classic in Urantia literature . . . an amazing job!         -- Arnie

*   In my 40  years of reading, Heaven Is Not the Last  Stop tops my list.         -- Ed  

*   My hearty thanks for Heaven Is Not the Last Stop, which has arrived safely here. I fell eagerly to reading it straight away. It's a fine labour of love you've done here, full of wise observations. Few people could have tackled a book like this - but, from what I've read so far, I must say you've handled it pretty marvellously.         -- Chris

*   Magnificent work on your book Heaven Is Not the Last Stop!!!  I am tremendously impressed!  What an incomparable asset this will be to UB study!!   -- David

*   I'm so appreciating the beautiful way you  integrate material from the UB with world religions so that we get the bigger  context. It helps keep the wider focus when in conversations that get tied up  in knots. I so appreciate your writing. -- Winnie

*   Thank you for your book.  I am reading it by pieces, using the index to find answers to questions I have.   It is amazing--how such a sweet, caring and fun personality could produce such an erudite, comprehensive book on the most important subject on this earth.  -- Carol

*   I am pleased to tell you   that I have finished reading Heaven Is Not the Last Stop. Needless to   say, I am extremely impressed and found the book to be very well written with   every sentence having impact and bringing out the object of your tremendous task   of having written such a book:  Heaven is indeed NOT the last stop . . .  I hope   your book becomes a best seller at some point and it will surely be a companion   to The Urantia Book itself.  I feel as if I have read an updated copy of   portions of The Urantia Book and that is a sure sign to me that it is   inspired.  --  Karen

*   The book arrived today! It was well worth the wait. I am so very pleased with the overall look and content of Heaven Is Not the Last Stop. It's the sort of volume that just makes you want to pick it up and read it from cover to cover.  I have hoped SOMEONE would write a book that explains in less complex language the basic worldview of the Urantia Papers, and I believe your book, finally, is what I have long awaited. -- Sincere and deepest thanks to you.     Charles

*   I received a copy of Heaven Is Not the Last Stop Monday (actually I got nine copies, and I think I will need to get more).  I have finished reading the first five chapters and am amazed at how well you put The Urantia Book in perspective with our religious history.  It presents our entire spiritual continuity with The Urantia Book as the latest revelation, clarifying and adding to what has been presented previously.  It appears to answer many concerns which have been raised, including reincarnation, virgin birth, imminence and omnipotence, etc. -- Doug 

*   Congratulations!  You have produced a work of art, an eye opener; a picture of humility and  sincerity, spoken from the heart, intelligently written. Who would have thought  of explaining God's design for life’s journey, here and hereafter, in such an  easy and understanding way? You have a gift, keep up the good work.  -- Love & best wishes,   Dr. D.

*   Sheila  Keene-Lund reached her 12 year goal this month with publication of Heaven Is Not the Last Stop.  This is a wonderful book in which she  attempts to reconcile many religious differences with epochal revelation found  in The Urantia Book.  I invite you to her website for an introduction  to the book – purposes and content. Persons  interested in gaining new clarity of human history and religious development  and also wanting increased understanding of our world, will find this new  Keene-Lund book a valuable treasure for new visions of real and lasting  peace possibilities.  She writes,  “The most expedient way to achieve this [peace] is to reconcile our understanding  of origin, history, and destiny with epochal revelation.”  Note the word destiny.  She expertly leads us to revelatory clarity  of destiny whereas the major religions have profoundly relied on traditions  that include myths and partial truths for finality of authority.  She reminds us of our human limitations and  shows us with new vision how epochal gifting can aid human progress.  Progress is not a human idea, but a profound  factor of God’s plan.  Surely, Jesus had  this in mind.  I  recommend the book. --  In Peace, Mark

*   I received your book as a Christmas gift today. Having been a reader of The Urantia Book for several decades, after one minute of scanning the pages of Heaven Is Not the Last Stop, I knew that this book had such quality that it needed to be shared! Upon receipt of my order, my next two books will immediately be on their way to their final destination... and two more people will experience Christmas again.   Such is the pleasure of discovering this new vision. Its gentle transit upon the wings of butterflies will soon take it to all points of the compass.         -- R. H.

*   I have begun to read your book and I can't put it down.  It is really helping me to have a better understanding of The Urantia Book.         -- Nancy


*   Most of my adult life, I have been searching for “something”.  When I found The Urantia Book, that search turned into an obsession -- focused on “what” it was that I needed to “get out of the book.”  The more I read, the more I KNEW that The Urantia Book held the answer(s) I had been seeking my entire life.   But the book was so big, so in depth, so powerful… where EXACTLY WAS the answer(s) to the questions of my longing soul?  That is where Sheila comes in!   In May 2008, I attended Sheila’s lecture and mini-workshop and through her organized program of instruction, I was able to self-discover the pieces of the puzzle that I have been trying to assemble my entire life.   Since that time, my life has changed immensely.    I now have a job that I love where I am easily able to support sick and dying people with large financial resources through government agencies!   Also, I was led to way in which I could be of Highest Service in spearheading a large Urantia Book outreach program, supporting the delivery of 1,000 Urantia Books to deployed military units around the world.   If attending Sheila’s mini-workshop could do that much for me, imagine what reading her new book and participating in a full workshop with her can do for you? -- Pamela Burr, Florida

*   I got   very inspired by Sheila’s workshop and felt encouraged to look at my life and my   future “mission” as a high school teacher in another light. Young people are   often very stressed about doing the “right” thing, having the “right” look and   being successful, even though they haven’t had time to figure out who they   really are. I think Sheila’s wise and loving words about our true purpose in   life would help many people in their quest for inner harmony and happiness. -- Anna Mellander  MacIsaac, Sweden

*   “I found attending Sheila’s workshop,   Cultivating Universal Intelligence, a practical method in developing a life plan   for my spiritual journey to know God’s will for me.  A process that is so   simple, yet so powerful when implemented to its fullest extent.” -- Jeanette Schafer, The Retreat Network,   Oregon  

*   As for another personal initiative, last year I met a   woman by the name of Sheila Keene-Lund, a reader of The Urantia Book for many years and also a   member of UAI. She was an accredited teacher of Transcendental Meditation for   more than twenty years and has demonstrated her incredible capacity to teach by   writing a book that reconciles the teachings of The Urantia Book with worldwide spiritual   beliefs and personal development techniques. Sheila has been facilitating   workshops at different Urantia conferences and has produced a very significant   work that explores how one can progress spiritually by discovering the   significance of the Will of God and how it applies in our life.  The difference   of this book with other secondary works is that it offers a program, a very   simple and effective framework that fosters spiritual growth while engaging the   readers in spiritual exercises.  This program could be effective in study groups   or retreats as a way to improve our understanding of The Urantia Book while giving us   meaningful tools to achieve spiritual growth.   So far I have attended   two workshops that introduce the readers to the program featured in this book   and both times I have been very impressed by the quality of its content and its   practicality.  It is solely based on the teachings of The Urantia Book and will be available   soon in bookstores.  The title of this book is Heaven Is Not the Last Stop – Exploring a   New Revelation, and you can visit the web site that bears the main name. -- Gaétan   Charland, Quebec (Excerpt from the July ’08 issue of UAI   Journal)

*   The things I really liked about Sheila's workshop are things she said like, "Challenge yourself to grow in areas of your personality, or your angels will do it for you!"  She put a sense of humor on spiritual growth and made it fun for me to choose 1 or 2 things to work on the next 6 months.  She said, "If you can't think of anything, just ask a friend or family member."  So I choose one of my own, to improve my public speaking, and one of a friend, to "grow up."  As life would have it, there have been many opportunities for both. If Sheila would ever like my help at a workshop, I would love to help.  I love her work and am very excited about it.  I'd love to take another workshop from her and spend a whole day or two or three together.-- Cristina Seaborn, Minnesota

*   Sheila's presentations and workshops wisely integrate a broad and insightful perspective on The Urantia Book's relationship to cultural developments with practical tools for personal spiritual growth. Her sincerity and passion for the subject mix an infectious enthusiasm with an easy going, comfortable relationship to a process inquiry. Sheila's approach provides rich meanings and enduring values to the never ending quest for enhanced modes of personal living and loving service.-- Halbert Katzen, Creator of the UBtheNEWS Project

*   Sheila Keene-Lund has an engagingly passionate approach to the work she shares in her workshop. She is exceptionally clear with deep insight into a process that mindfully refocuses on truth and values important to our lives that are in part neglected, or yet to be awakened.  --Bradford Hansen-Smith, Author of: Folding Circle Teterahedra – Truth in the Geometry of Wholemovement